• 1.Are the colors from the color chart on the website the only options I have?+

    The color chart on the website provides our clients with more styles to choose from. You can of course change the colors as long as you provide us with the Pantone color code or send us a sample. We are happy to offer the service for you.
  • 2.What is the minimum order quantity?+

    The minimum is 300 ft. This does not apply to sampling. If you have other quantity requirements, please write to us for further discussion.
  • 3.How to extend the lifespan of waterproof leather and guarantee the most effective water repellency?+

    If there are remaining water drops or liquid on the leather, please dab it with tissue paper to wipe off the water; if it’s full-grain leather, you can try to wipe it off with a dry towel or napkin.
  • 4.Is the waterproof leather also grease-proof? Does it repel all grease?+

    Leather made with 3M Scotchgard is grease-proof; however, it doesn't work with grease containing solvent (such as engine oil).
    Currently, 3M Scotchgard water repellent products are completely fluorine-free and not grease resistant. However, they will not pose hazards to the environment.
  • 5.How durable is the leather’s resistance to water? Is it permanent? Or is it only effective for a limited period of time?+

    L’arc en cuir’s leather has already been added with water protector during the tanning process, so it’s permanently waterproof and water repellent when used normally.


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