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Sustainable Elements Suede

1. Sustainable elements suede is produced from sustainable tanning agents and fatliquors, whose raw materials are extracted from renewable or residual biopolymers and natural oils. Sustainable elements suede serves as an alternative of less carbon footprint and biodegradability.
2. Producing sustainable elements suede, ZEOLITE is to substitute CHROMIUM in tanning process. Zeolite comes from nature material, which is free of aldehydes and chromium, offering more sustainable tanning process. 
Replacing chromium in production:
Avoids chromium(VI) residuing in the leather, which enables to meet the new ECHA maximum chromium(VI) content.
Reachs 2021 new REACH SVHC glutaraldehyde limit in skin.
Reduces the chromium content in the water treatment, VOC, and encourages eco-friendly environment.
3. All chemicals used in Sustainable elements suede production are registerd in ZDHC Level 3, and meet its MRSL 2.0 standard.


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